8 Reasons Why We Should Appreciate Our Bodies

March 11, 2018

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As a society we are guilty of criticising our own bodies. If I asked you what would you change about your body what comes to your mind? a smaller nose? skinnier waist? more muscle? shorter? taller?

No doubt the majority of us wouldn’t hesitate at a response to this question – myself included. We are guilty of comparing ourselves to the ‘ideal’ body type. The Dove Global Beauty & Confidence Report found that the UK had one of the lowest body confidence scores in the world.

Only 20% of women were found to be happy with their body. Campaign also report a research study which found that boys believed pressure to look good affected them just as much as girls.

This got me thinking, shouldn’t we be talking about how a m a z i n g the human body actually is?

why we should appreciate our own, no matter what we look like!

Here are 8 reasons why…

1. Your body keeps you alive. 

The body is filled with so many organisms, systems, functions keeping us alive and kicking ready to seize the day.

Fact: The adult body takes on average 20,000 breaths a day.

2. Your body flushes out toxins from the body

We can put our bodies through a lot.

Drank a little too much the night before maybe or put ourselves through some tough exercise… the human body cleanses itself by flushing out unwanted poisons and releases all the good stuff the body needs.

3. Your body defends itself against bacteria

Thank you immune system.

4. Your body gets you from A to B

Your very own personal mode of transport. You want to go to the shops? Got to get to work? Or even to the fridge? Your body gets you there.

5. Your (female) body creates HUMAN LIFE

I mean could there be anything more amazing than that?!

6. Your (female) body provides food

The female body provides food for our children. Another incredible act of the body in supporting life itself.

7. You body gives you a self-identity

You can dress yourself up or down however you like to reflect who youare or who you want to be.

8. Your body will always be there for you



So regardless of how we look, our bodies are pretty incredible. In the worlds of Paloma “let’s celebrate it, my momma made it”.


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6 responses to “8 Reasons Why We Should Appreciate Our Bodies”

  1. Such great tips! Have you ever read The Body Book by Cameron Diaz? It is so good, and talks about all of these things!

  2. MissPond says:

    So true! We should all be a little bit kinder to our bodies I feel 🙂

  3. This is great, Aimee! We should appreciate our bodies because they are amazing!! 🙂

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