Embracing Change.

Life can change constantly. Whether this is in the workplace, communities, relationships or in ourselves. It is inevitable we will come across change at some point in our lives.

Change can have many benefits.

Having a positive influence on personal growth, when life changes you learn something new, allowing you to grow and develop.

Aspects of an individual’s life do not just improve on its own. Change is needed in order to make this happen.

It stops you being ‘stuck’ in the same old routine, at risk of boredom, fatigue and complacency.

Yes change can be daunting, especially when the change is out of our control.

Here are a couple of ways of how we can embrace change:

Accessing Support

The fear of the unknown that may come with change is always unnerving. However, individuals do not need to go through this alone.

Support can be provided by family, friends, and work colleagues or even from professionals within specialist support services.

In 2018 the networks of support are wide-ranging from face-to-face, phone or online support.

Changing perspective

A change in perspective can change how an individual feels. When facing change, remind ourselves of the positives which can come from this, rather than dwelling on the negatives.

This simple practice can make a huge impact on our thought processes and motivation towards the challenges ahead.


When faced with change it is crucial to become accepting of this. Failure to do so can risk having an impact on overall health and wellbeing.

As already mentioned, there will be times in life where change is unavoidable. The sooner this is accepted, the easier it will be to move on from this.


Reflection in itself is a powerful tool. Reflecting on how we have managed change can build on one’s confidence, help in learning, and highlight how far we have grown and developed within a certain time frame.

We never know what change may bring.

When deterring from our usual path remember there will always be plenty of different opportunities waiting.

It just takes the embracement of change to find what they are.


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