How To Avoid Morning Mayhem

April 4, 2018


What is your typical morning routine?

Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before you’re rushing out the front door? Throwing clothes everywhere because you can’t find that top you have in mind? Skipping breakfast because you don’t have the time?

The idea of a smooth running morning can bring many benefits to the mind and body, however the reality of practicing them doesn’t always come naturally to us.

Myself included –  I am guilty of pressing snooze on my alarm countless times before I actually come around to “I better get up now or else…”.

A good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Doing so is important for our health. This post outlines different ways we can practice a healthy morning routine and the health benefits of doing so.

It all starts with prep the night before;

Plan you’re day beforehand

Nothing helps plan your tasks better for the day than an old fashioned to-do list.

Making a list of what you need to do for the following day, or a reminder list of things you need to take with you when you leave the house decreases the likelihood of a “running around” overload of things to do.

Sort out your outfit the night before

If you’re anything like me it is easy to spend agesssss deciding what to wear for the day.

For some reason I forget I’m only going to work and not the MET gala. Putting out your clothes the night before can save more time in the morning for yourself.

Top tip – check the weather app. There is nothing worse than planning a colourful spring look to open your curtains and see the rain showering over us.


Now, what about the actual morning?

Rise early

Sorry night owls. Although staying up late has been shown to improve creativity, it has also been linked to mental health illnesses such as depression.

Rising early has been shown to improve mental health and reduce stress that can come with waking up late.


Daily Health Post argue that morning exercise can boost energy and increase mental focus for the rest of the day.

For those who prefer not to leave the house for exercise, there are many YouTube videos online which outline short & simple at-home workouts. For those who aren’t into exercise at all, why not try meditation for a mindfulness approach? Again, videos of this can be found on YouTube.


Sounds basic right?

Why not try a cold shower of a morning, this has been thought to wake the body as well as having various health benefits. Including, improvement of immunity & circulation, speeding up muscle soreness & recovery, easing stress, relieving depression & stimulating weight loss.

Not to mention this will leave you feeling clean and refreshed for the day.

Drink water

It is easy to overlook the importance of water in our daily routine, never mind our mornings.

However, it is recommended that we drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to hydrate the body by the NHS Eatwell Guide. Starting the day with one glass will set off the standard for meeting these guidelines.

Don’t skip breakfast

A simple mistake to make. Breakfast is argued to be the most important meal of day, but why? Ensuring you have a healthy brekkie boosts your metabolism and gives you fuel to run on for the day.

If you’re struggling to find the time for breakfast (which you really shouldn’t) then on-the-go options could include a cereal bar or a smoothie.

Breakfast is also a great opportunity to consume some of your 5 a day. You can read more about this at ‘How to get your 5 a day‘.

Embrace the journey

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or feeling bombarded with hustle and bustle of public transport, use your commute of the day as an opportunity for some me-time.

You could read a book (if safe to do so), call a friend (if you’re not behind the wheel), learn a language through a cassette tape, listen to your favourite podcast or take a different scenic route.


There are many different things we can do to avoid morning mayhem and start the day right. It is just important we practice a healthy morning routine on a regular basis.

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7 responses to “How To Avoid Morning Mayhem”

  1. Lovely post Aimee! I’m one of those people who takes light-years to choose an outfit so this is something I need to start doing!

    Lucy |

  2. Love this post, been trying so hard to get into a routine and I’ve found that getting up and working out really kick starts my day! It’s nice that someone else sees this too!

  3. Kayla says:

    Love these tips, very helpful! I’m terrible picking put my outfits, due to my overthinking ways, and it’s something I want to work on because it always makes me late. Totally agree with eating breakfest, it’s like the morning must have for me!

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