How to manage your emotions

May 2, 2019

You can’t help an emotion” someone once told, and it really stuck with me. I mean it is true, in the sense that something out of your control can happen and it automatically makes you feel a certain way.

This got me thinking… although stressors in life can be unavoidable and can cause you to feel a certain way, this doesn’t mean they have to control or define you. How you act on them can have an impact on how they affect you, and even how they make you feel.

Now emotions are complicated things; You can laugh and cry at the same time, love and hate, feel scared and excited. Even just describing how you feel can be difficult.

Not all emotions are great and managing those ones can be the most difficult. Let’s be real – sometimes when you feel low, there’s things you can do to make yourself feel better, and things that can make you feel worse (even if they do feel a bit better in the short term). Examples can include; drinking alcohol, taking drugs, practicing self-harm, getting violent. All of which might feel good ‘in the moment’ but generally, are unsafe and can have a negative knock-on effect to a person’s health and wellbeing.


This post is dedicated to discussing different techniques to help manage emotions in a safe and healthy way:


This is particularly useful when your mind feels as though it is running around 100 miles an hour, overwhelmed with how you are feeling and what’s going on around you. Meditation can help the mind become mindful, focusing on one’s self and how they’re feeling in the moment. If this is something you want to try you should check out “A simple guide to mindfulness for beginners

Get Creative

Painting, sketching, sowing, singing, dancing, (even writing a blog post) any form of creativity is a great way to express your emotions. This doesn’t just have emotional benefits, but physical too.

Write It Down

Okay I guess I am cheating here because this is another creative outlet, but physically writing emotions on paper can feel like a ‘release’ for some. If you want to tell someone else how you feel, but can’t say it, a letter is a great way to communicate this across to them.

Get Outdoors

Sounds abit cliché but getting some fresh air really can do the world of good. You can read my post “Feelin’ fresh (air)” to read why. Going for a walk, having a run, cycling on a bike, anything just to get you outside can help ‘clear the mind’ of your emotions.

Seek Support

Some emotions are difficult to manage on your own and this is perfectly normal. Talking to someone about how you feel can make a difference, especially if you’re struggling. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or even a professional/service*, someone will be able to help you.

These are just some example of ways to manage emotions safely, how do you manage yours?

*Samaritans are free to contact at any time if you need someone to talk to. For more information you can visit their website here or call 116 123 free of charge.

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  1. Giulia Fenci says:

    Such a nice and easy read. I think seeking support is something we need to get better at. Just accepting that we need some help and there is nothing wring with that!

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