‘Little Things’ – A Source Of Happiness.

September 7, 2018

Happiness – a fuzzy feeling that makes you feel all warm inside, arguably one of the best emotions one can experience.

Multiple research studies have found that happiness has a positive impact on an individuals health and well-being.

It is thought that when people are happier, they take better care of their health whether this be through eating well or exercising more. Happiness is also found to have a positive impact on physical health, such as improving the cardiovascular and immune systems.

So what makes you happy in life?

Is it when you’re on holiday relaxing from it all? Buying your first home after years of saving? Or maybe you’re a thrill seeker living for a skydive experience? Although these experiences will no doubt leave you feeling a ‘buzz’, they don’t happen everyday.

The only problem is, if we depend solely on the “big” experiences in life it can limit how often we feel happy. This in turn, limiting our ‘happy health’.

Research reported in The Express found that when people stop in the moment and appreciate the ‘little things’ in life they become a lot happier.

Dr Glenn Williams, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, said: “It is the small, and often unexpected, pleasures in life that can make us smile each and every day to help us build happier and more meaningful lives for ourselves and for others.

For this reason, I came up with 50 “little things” in life which can be the source of happiness;


1. A decent brew (typically British);

2. Sunsets;

3. 3 day weekends (thank you bank holidays);

4. Heavy rain on the windows whilst you’re curled up in bed;

5. A home cooked meal;

6. A smile from a stranger;

7. A warm (or cold) shower;

8. Praise from your boss;

9. A hug;

10. A kiss;

11. A compliment (go & share one too!);

12. Waking up 5-10 mins before your alarm;

13. Or not having an alarm at all (even better);

14. Fresh bedding;

15. Getting out of work when its light outside;

16. Your dog greeting you at the front door;

17. Listening to your favourite song on repeat;

18. Arriving at the bus/met stop just as it pulls into the shelter;

19. Finding money in your coat pocket you forgot about;

20. Having a good lunch at work;

21. Buying an item you wanted & theres only one left (its meant to be);

22. A long brisk walk in the sun;

23. Receiving post that isn’t a bill;

24. Having a good laugh until your muscles hurt;

25. Fresh flowers;

26. A long hot bath;

27. The perfectly ripe avocado;

28. A beautiful view;

29. Making someone else happy;

30. Getting a bargain somewhere;

31. Getting a car parking spot close to the entrance;

32. Receiving a message from an old friend you haven’t heard from in a little while;

33. An undisturbed nights sleep;

34. Clothes fresh out the dryer;

35. A brand new haircut;

36. Or a good hair day;

37. Putting your feet up after a long day;

38. Painting your nails & them not chipping;

39. Ticking everything off your to-do list;

40. The coffee barista spelling your name correctly;

41. Having the exact change you need;

42. Having some time just for yourself (i’ve posted before about the importance of self care!);

43. Writing in a fresh notebook;

44. Having breakfast made for you;

45. Achieving a new personal best;

46. Finishing a book;

47. Seeing a rainbow;

48. Being in your own bed when you’re poorly;

49. A cold drink on a warm day;

50. A warm drink on a cold day.


So maybe its about time we made a ‘big’ deal out of the ‘little’ things.

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10 responses to “‘Little Things’ – A Source Of Happiness.”

  1. wise words here aimee – and a lovely list. This week, I wrote about being in the moment and not waiting for the big things… enjoy today.
    Love Bec

  2. 24 is my absolute favourite. I love to be the human representation of this emoji 😂😂😂
    This list made me smile in a way you have no idea. I’ll have to include these daily ‘smaller’ things in my gratitude journal

  3. Lauren says:

    This made me happy just reading this post! Little things like in that list are so important, especially this time of year when days are shorter and weather is rubbish. I will keep these in mind 🖤

  4. bluefitz17 says:

    Fab post. I agree with you entirely it is the little things that can bring so much joy. Love your list of 50, many of them I can relate too.

  5. a great list, i need to change my perspective as to me waking up before your alarm goes off is annoying because it feels like you’ve cheated yourself out of a lie in! lol

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